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Did You Know:

• One particular industry is booming from the increase in stolen/missing dogs: find out which one it is.

• There is a natural substance that can eliminate many pet parasites and only costs pennies.

• The Dog Whisperer tunes in to the Golden Thread of the dogs he works with.

• Playing dog games with your dog is a way to connect to your dog and stimulate your dog's intelligence.

• Pets respond to bodywork such as massage: find out how.

• How to recover your stolen dog is vastly different than how to find lost dogs.

• Dog health problems can be approached from a natural healing standpoint.

• The best way to find a lost dog is not necessarily to spend time combing the streets looking for him.

• Besides your veterinarian, there are others who can assist you in answering pet health questions and addressing dog health problems.

• Spiritual battles can be waged against you without your knowing it and without your consent. Your own spiritual awakening is imperative to beat evil.

• Stolen dogs with microchips may not always be returned to their rightful owner.

• Homemade dog treats can be much better than store-bought ones.

• By tuning in to the Golden Thread, you can become a Dog Whisperer.

• You'll be amazed at what you'll learn in Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread.

Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

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